365 Days of Scheerer Delight: Sochi

Not going to lie, I really wish I was in Sochi.

Not to tweet the mishaps that have seemed to captivate the US, but to experience the pride that seems to be sweltering in Russia right now.

So your dorm has a hole in it? No biggy, my heat has gone out three times in sub zero temperature and I live in the United States. Did I mention I have a hole in my apartment too? #FirstWorldProblems

Say what you will about the living conditions of the games, but the slopes aren’t avalanching, the ski jumps are collapsing under the skiers, and the water mains are not flooding the ice rinks with feces.

On top of that, to experience the cultural hotbed that is Russia at a venue like the Olympics must be once in a lifetime. Sign me up for World Cup 2018.



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