365 Days of Scheerer Delight: Missing the Excitement

As a scoured Facebook this evening, I saw and felt the general excitement of snow in the Pacific Northwest from all my friends and family.

Though I still get that from time to time with all of our constant weather happenings here in DeKalb, I miss that excitement of the rare snow.

Snow is just common here. No one jumps up and down for -25 temperatures here. Most specifically me, because it generally means my heat’s about to go out. We’ve had 4 snow days because of it extreme cold but I’ve generally been worried about surviving than anything.

That being said, I’m totally excited for the folks in SW Washington and the Portland-Metro area right now. It’s a good chunk of snow and most seem to be enjoying it. It’s such a rare thing, you have to. Take it slow, relax and enjoy the company of your family cause even in Vermont and New Hampshire, you have to slow it down when heavy snow comes.

Live it up PNW!



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