365 Days of Scheerer Delight: Redemption

Today was a great day for redemption.

The Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl Championship earlier today, completely dominating the Denver Broncos.

The day served as redemption and avenged Seattle loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2006. I was reminded of the gut punch as a fan that day all weekend as we talked a bit about on my travels this week.

However, more memories were sparked this morning when a former teammate of mine, Trevor aka Tee-Ha, texted me.

Looking back on it, it must have been quite the first impression with some of my teammates considering I had not been on campus for a month. I hazily remember getting a ride during the last leg of my journey back to campus so it wasn’t quite the super trek of the Minnesota wilderness like it probably was that day.

After the win and upon further introspect, I realized this was the first world championship any of my teams has won. It’s always been close but no cigar.

I remember all the great runs by the Portland Trailblazers and the Mariners back in the day, and of course, the Seahawks last Super Bowl appearance.

I rarely get to be a fan now working in sports but I can say that this is one helluva of a feeling.

Here’s hoping to a twin killing by Paul Allen this year. #RipCity



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