365 of Scheerer Delight: Giddy as a Schoolboy

My excitement for the upcoming Beck album, Morning Phase, is becoming all consuming at this point. I pre-ordered the album this evening and received the first single, Blue Moon, upon order.

It’s been almost six years since his last album, Modern Guilt, was released. I also bought that album the week it was released, repeating it over and over on an emergency trip Los Angeles from the Couv.

I write this post for the casual Beck fan that loves Sea Change and expects that from this upcoming albums.

Morning Phase is being billed as a companion album to Sea Change because of its deep, enchanting harmonies, and it very well may be. Only time will tell – February 25th to be exact.

My warning is this. Clearly that album was written in a very dark time in Beck’s life, a breakup to be exact. Since all of us have been there, we can relate to the emotions laid out in front of us, and in the albums case, the sounds that they make.

I can’t imagine that this upcoming album will touch on those emotions drawn out, so a fair warning to the casual Beck listener expecting that.

The harmonies will likely be the same but I’d imagine that they’ll be much brighter this time around, and maybe for the better as well.

Take a listen to his first single released from the album, Blue Moon.

I think the album, based on only one single of course, combines some of the sounds from Modern Guilt and intertwines them with his harmonies that are Sea Change-esque or on the fringe, like he’s always possessed.

My suggestion for Beck fans is to take a listen to Modern Guilt and Sea Change in the coming weeks and compare the harmonies. For the old schoolers, find “Nobody’s Fault but my Own” from Mutations as the precursor to Sea Change and see how his sound has developed from there.

All I know is this, if Nigel Godrich was the producer, it will be gold. Beck and Godrich form a symbiotic existence when it comes to music. Home run every time, regardless of genre.

That being said, I’m looking forward to Tuesday, February 22nd.



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