365 Days of Scheerer Delight: Road Life

I’m gonna call on a Slapshot classic for ambience on this next post

It’s been a wild week of #MACtion as I’ve been on the road for two straight games with the women’s basketball team. With two long bus trips back-to-back, Wednesday at Central Michigan (5.5 hours) and Saturday at Miami University (6 hours), its been a lot of miles in a short time span — hence why there has been lack of updates. 365 Days of Scheerer Delight is slowly turning to 355 Days of Scheerer Delight.

Of course, this latest post comes to you live from Central Illinois as we head back home after our awesome win at Miami.

Much to our surprise after the game, we saw a healthy snowfall in Oxford which raised our curiosity for the trip home. We saw a lot of snow on the interstate. So much in fact, the plows could not keep up South of Indianapolis.

Somewhere along on the way, I got the bubble guts and requested a stop at a gas station to handle my business. I blame Chipotle. However, I’m a firm believe that everything happens for a reason, so stay with me here.

We stopped for probably 15 minutes at the gas station and were rapidly approaching the Indianapolis city limits. Just about that time, we caught wind through social media that Interstate 65 had been closed in Lafayette, IN as there a fiery pileup of semi trucks. This closure forced us to go around Indianapolis and take Interstate 74 and cut North through Champaign and Normal to get back home.

While it’s tacked on extra time to the trip, it’s been worth it. Yeah, the DVD player broke as well, but since the team won today, it’s been good to hear laughing from the back of the bus. It’s been fun to laugh and talk with the team and coaches.

An extra hours drive? Pishah. Winning solves everything.



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