#SD365: It’s Been Real BCS

I decided to take a day off from posting anything as to talk about the BCS, which played its final national championship last night.

I’m not going to talk much about the game, with the exception of saying that last night’s was one of the better one’s I can remember. Great comeback, electric second half. It was a great matchup.

I will be one that misses the BCS. About 10 years ago, I thought it was a mockery to football, but as time has gone on, probably 2007, I saw its value and that the system worked.

It has produced some great games over the years and memories that many will not soon forgot. Though I was unable to watch the 2006 championship, I still remember getting texts from my buddy Randall throughout the night as I rode the train from Portland to Grand Forks to start my new future at Minnesota, Crookston. The highlights were amazing as the texts that night… Where was Twitter back then when I needed it?

For years, people screamed death to the BCS. I’m seeing an awful lot of posts these days praising the BCS and it upsets me to think that some have backtracked their opinions.

While I think that most of this is fear of change for the new College Football Playoff that will assume its place next year, it’s just a shame to see this sentiment now

I don’t really have an opinion on the playoff system yet, other than “non-AQ” teams will more easily reap the benefits of being able to play in a “BCS level” bowl more easily than before. I think that’s a good thing. Having been a part of something like that, I think that’s a great experience for all involved and if you earned that reward, accept it and don’t apologize for it.

I will miss the BCS and I hope you will too. It will be interesting to see the chatter next season on the new system. Some are already talking about it. Since I’ve already been bitten by the basketball bug, I’ll focus on that til the season ends and refocus my energy on football in July… Because the World Cup will run my June.



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