#SD365: Album Recommendation No. 1

In the anticipation that this could happen multiple times, I’ve already decided to number this post title.

Album recommendation No. 1: Jeff Buckley – Grace

I’ve always seen the album on rankings of top albums all-time and essential lists, but before I flew back to Chicago after Christmas, I decided to download it.

I had my first listen on the drive back to DeKalb from O’Hare.

Overall thoughts, it’s absolutely a necessary piece for your 90’s alternative collection.

Jeff Buckley, who only released this one album and tragically drowned in 1997, covers a wide array of music in this 10 song, 51 minute masterpiece. Obviously, most have heard his version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” which I would consider an angelic tribute to the cover, but for me, “So Real” and “Dream Brother” were the two tracks that had me clamoring for more at first.

The visuals produced from “So Real” does make you feel like you are in a dream, as the song implies. “Dream Brother” pulls Eastern influences, mixed in with rock, for an epic finale.

For the fans of folk and traditional, Buckley also covers that with “Corpus Christi Carol,” which was apparently discovered in the 15th century, according to Wikipedia.

For those craving that 90’s rock sound, ” Eternal Life” has you covered. If nothing else, the heavy baseline will swaddle you like your first blankey.

This is a rough referral, and not my best work, but I encourage all that have never listened to this classic to do so. It’s been a solid, non stop listen for the last week.

Put it to you this way, if you Google it, plenty will say the same thing.



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