We Will Endure


Through the bad times, the darkest days and the lonely nights, we will endure.

We are reminded of many things this evening, less than 12 hours removed from the horror in Copley Square.

We see the haunting images of people crying and in pain, both children and adults alike.

We see bone chilling video and the hairs on the back of neck and our arms instantly petrify with the words “oh my God… My God” from stoic a videographer.

We are reminded of the 26 who lost their lives in Newtown, CT and how each mile, and more specifically mile 26, was in honor of the victims; where tragedy also struck this afternoon.

Because we are charged and armed with love, courage and unity after moments like this, we will endure.

The world gets a lot smaller, because we communicate with each other. Face to face or electronically. We come together as one. We will endure.

Strangers in the crowd, men and women both big and small, short and tall, risk themselves to help those in need with caution flying in the wind. We will endure.

The consolation of friends of old and acquaintances of today warm hearts like no other boiler can. We will endure.

For all these reasons, we will endure. We are never alone. We will endure.

With courage under fire, with love on our side and huddled together in unity as we aid, watch, mourn or recover, we will endure.


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