Here They Stay

Thanks to Kelcey Harrison for herand everyone with Jill’s Legacy Foundation and the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer for the bracelet swag.

They’ve been on since Monday morning when I got them and here they’ll stay ’til they fall apart.

Here They Stay

There’s still two weeks left in The Great Lung and Kelcey is still cruising, God bless her, at a 30 mile a day clip after nearly four months on the run.

Kelcey and her crew are still looking to reach their goal of $250,000 for lung cancer research. She has reached her home state of California and will reach San Francisco December 1.

You can donate to The Great Lung at and by clicking on the ”Donate Now’ tab.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching soon, I will say that I’m thankful for people like Kelcey, who have the courage to take on daunting tasks, such as running across the country for a cause, and not for self.


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