When I started this blog, I envisioned a healthy mix of sports and music as the topic of conversation. Since my post on my love/disappointment in the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, I have not done that.

So I present my latest music posting… For what it’s worth.

I woke up this morning and searched my channel listing and saw Boogie Nights was on. Great movie. Aside from it being good story of the excesses of the late 70’s and early 80’s, it features quite possibly the greatest soundtracks put together in a motion picture. The music and cinematography are fantastic.

Ahhh… Roller Girl

It was good way to start the day because now I have music on my mind. Then I wrote a women’s soccer recap.

My challenge to you: Watch Boogie Nights or go YouTube some of these tracks. I suggest watching it to see how the music sets the mood, no pun intended. Besides, what’s not to love about Roller Girl?

Sunday’s Words of Wisdom and State of Mind: Everybody! Get on the floor and do your thing, whatever it is.


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