I think it goes without saying that the Summer Olympic games in London were (to borrow a phrase from across the pond) smashing!

As always, there were moments that captivated us, moved us and released our inner spirit, channeled our patriotism and made us feel like teenagers again. It’s awesome how sport can do that and that’s part of the reason I work in them.

A favorite moment of mine was Trey Hardee’s post-decathlon 1,500 meters interview (leave it to the media guy). I really love what he said here. Watch the interview and you’ll understand why.

Now there’s a champion.

Of course, time difference ruined it for some. I won’t harp on NBC for this because it’s the way the cookie crumbles… I’ll only harp on them for one event.

Two things that I treasured from the games were the opening and closing ceremonies. Awesome musical and pyrotechnic displays that showcased great culture. In fact, It’s inspired me to go to Rio in 2016. I’d say The Games motto “Inspiring future generations” worked.

Sunday night’s closing ceremony was an amazing show and it was a priceless concert to watch on television, if with a time delay and pictures posted all over the internet, Twitter and Facebook.

My biggest issue came with NBC deciding to cutup/edit the closing ceremony. I was pretty peeved waiting for an hour to watch The Who perform an 8-minute medley of three songs. Yah, I get it, a lot of people were upset with their Super Bowl performance a few years ago… Tough. The legends paid their dues and didn’t deserve that. But wait, it only gets better.

I received word from back home that the show actually edited for time as well. Ray Davies, frontman for The Kinks performed at the ceremony, singing their very lyrically visual hit of England, Waterloo Sunset. The performance was a hit in the U.K. Apparently we weren’t ready for that in the U.S.

I’ll say this. The performance was electric. Crowd participation was at a premium. With energy, community and artistic value, music can never fail and it will always be worth watching and listening to.

I’ll close with this. Whether you’ve never heard of The Kinks or heard of the song, you can’t deny the awesomeness. The proof is in the pudding.


2 thoughts on “KUDOS TO LONDON 2012

  1. A sleezy way to get people to watch a pilot as well as force people who have to get up early to stay up until the wee hours to see a worthwhile performance. Cutting The Kinks was a decision as bad as that Spice Girls reunion.

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