Welcome to Scheerer Delight, a blog about… Something. That something, who knows. As the bio says: “Sports media guy. Black coffee drinker. Fan of music and funny.”

It will fall under these genres. Since I’m a self proclaimed jack of all trades and a master of none, it will probably be all of the above. If I told you about my life, you’d yawn, so I’ll spare you… Except for this story.

As I groaned about being adult, working and not being able to see Black Sabbath’s reunion show at Lollapalooza Friday night, I decided to watch the free, live stream on YouTube (a totally, awesome and free service by the way). Since Black Sabbath was not going to be featured on YouTube, I figured I would watch the Black Keys, who started a half hour after (let’s just say it together) the greatest heavy metal band of all time.

While I love The Black Keys for the bluesy, acid, house, psychadelic and pick-your-noun rock that they play, the show was tainted for me because of the legends playing across the way. Many in attendance of the Black Keys looked to be around my age (27) and some younger. However, I was severely dissipointed with my generation for not choosing to watch history at the Bud Light stage in Grant Park.

Products of the 1980’s: We gotta do better. I have nothing against The Black Keys, they are an awesome band that made it big as a two-piece band – how awesome is that? But when a group that has not played together in nearly 40 years closes a concert, there’s a reason for it… That means go!

Enough ranting on the pulpit. The next order of business… Get this thing going full-time. In the mean time, comment, tell me what ya think and enjoy this live Sabbath video.


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