Reflecting on Rego

For weeks I’ve looked for the right words to say about my high school offensive line coach, Mark Rego, who passed away Oct. 6 after a long battle with cancer. It was only a couple of months ago that The Columbian had written a story about him ahead of the upcoming football season, talking about […]

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Under the Covers: Donny Hathaway

I’ve been carrying a soulful, jazzy spirit lately and I decided to search for the full Donny Hathway & Roberta Flack album on YouTube to listen to at work this morning. With no success, I instead stumbled on a video, two and half hours long entitled the best of Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack. It […]

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Catch It Before It’s Gone

The 365 Days of Scheerer Delight, which started strong quickly faded fast as most of you can tell… Then it went into hibernation for a multitude of reasons that are unimportant. But with the fall in full swing here in DeKalb, it’s clear that it’s a season of change. No, that does not mean more […]

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DVD Hunt: My Family/Mi Familia

Consider this a challenge. I remember when I was a teenager, probably 13 or 14, being told to watch the movie “My Family/Mi Familia” one weekend night that it was on by mom. She said it was “a look at Los Angeles and what it used to be.”$ I just remember being really bored after the […]

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